Tip 9. Integrate

Article by Eleanor in - February 2018

The most memorable marketing campaigns are those which arrive in front of us in a multitude of ways. TV campaigns which also appear on billboards and in our letter box.

Integrated direct mail is effective direct mail. Multimedia campaigns increases the channels by which you can reach your prospects and therefore increases the response rate.

Direct mail is a great way to boost other communications to your customers or wider campaigns. Direct mail is opened more than emails, even if your customer skims through the contents. By using a clear call to action and bold visuals, you can use the direct mail to emphasise a wider campaign you are currently implementing and create a stronger call to action through these multiple channels.

Very.co.uk used an integrated campaign “Work It Baby” which included a vast range of products from maternity style to toddlers. Communication across channels created nearly 5,000 new customers and a higher spend as customers were targeted by relevant products across direct mail and online. Direct mail can be used as a highly effective channel to increase communications and target customers.

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