Tip 8. Research GDPR

Article by Eleanor in - January 2018

Whether you are about to launch your first DM campaign or your 50th, new regulations are coming. Make sure you amend your data collection, storage and use now to make the 2018 transition easier. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to be enforced in May 2018.

For an industry where data is key, the new regulations might seem intimidating. It’s true – the fines and penalties are much higher with GDPR than the previous regulation. However, as long as you get yourself and your company prepared, and the earlier the better, you can easily transition into new practises in line with the new regulations.

To put it simply, GDPR introduces new rights for your customers. They need to be informed and be provided with clear options on how their data is used and what they are agreeing to. Clear opt-in and opt-out channels need to be provided and customers have the right to be forgotten i.e. their data deleted off your databases. GDPR also requires that the data is processed lawfully. This means that you need a lawful basis for processing, known as “the conditions for processing” under the current Data Protection Act. These are some of the basic ideas behind the new regulations and the reasons why the new regulations are being put into place.

To get prepared read here for more detailed information on the new regulations and our advice about being ready.

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