Tip 7. Something a little bit different

Article by Eleanor in - January 2018

Sometimes a little change to everyday items can make us look twice and really grab our interest. The direct mail campaign for Kit Kat Chunky did a fantastic job of this by using the standard “sorry we couldn’t deliver” card – with the reason as “too chunky” for your letterbox. This was a voucher for the person to then go claim a free Kit Kat Chunky from a nearby newsagents. It proved highly successful as recipients would give attention to the missed delivery card. An amazing 87% of recipients went to their local newsagents and collected their Kit Kat Chunky. This shows how your response rate can be massively improved by doing something a little different.

Items which will grab someone’s attention for longer than a few seconds in everyday life are rare. One of direct mail’s biggest obstacles is retaining a reader’s attention. The Sunday Times got past this by mailing out RSVP cards with an apology “you’re about to be so busy you’ll have to say sorry to your friends for not being able to see them” to demonstrate the range of events that were available exclusively with Times+ membership. They sent this out to customers who were most likely to convert from the trial offer to full membership and saw a great outcome with successful engagement.

Sending out a normal item, with something a little bit different, can really grab an audience’s attention and get your direct mail high response rates.

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