Tip 6. Test and refine

Article by Eleanor in - January 2018

Most direct marketers know they should thoroughly vet their marketing tactics before starting to use them, yet testing usually stops here. However, ongoing testing, evaluation and refinement only improves mailing campaigns.

You should always be testing your direct mail. If you don’t know what’s working, then how can you improve? Many companies don’t want to test because they think it will be expensive and complicated.

A Direct Mail specialist can help you by creating tests for your mail; from simple to more complex tests which can involve adapted pieces of mail for various audiences. The response rates can be measured and evaluated and the tests can provide you with valuable insight.

There’s no point testing if you don’t act on the collected data. You need to apply the test responses to your future direct mail projects. Maybe separating your customers into different demographic groups can help you send them suitable direct mail and improve response rates. By testing you will find out what works and what doesn’t so you can maximise your ROI in future campaigns.

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