Tip 4. Provide response options

Article by Eleanor in - December 2017

Once your readers are willing to respond to your call to action, you need to provide suitable response channels. Consider your audience and how they will want to respond. Some of your recipients will prefer to mail back their responses to the sender directly. Others may prefer to text, email or go to the website URL. The point is that the more options you provide for your prospects, the higher the response rate will be.

Another way to maximise your response is to make sure your response channels are clear. Your customer needs to know what they are responding to and how they are going to do it. Distinct options and concise instructions, if necessary, are crucial to maximising response rates.

Providing prepaid envelopes with your direct mail will encourage your customers to respond. Options such as QR codes can provide easily accessible links for smartphone users. This can take a customer straight to your destination website – however, make sure it’s mobile friendly as this is a common mistake companies make. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with options, but ensure they have a few. Having suitable response channels for your target audience will help encourage and increase responses.

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