Tip 3. Make your call to action clear

Article by Eleanor in - November 2017

Create a call to action which is clear, bold, easy to follow…and cannot be ignored.

Whilst the message of your mailer must be compelling, you only have a few seconds to find your reader’s eye and tell them what to do next. Your prospect should be able to understand the message within a few seconds and be encouraged to skim further.

When creating your direct mail make sure you know what your call to action is, why you think your customers should take that action and how they will. This will help you make these steps clear in your mailer. In the second blog, we talked about easy skimming – this is really important. Easy skimming through concise messages and bold visuals will help you create a clear call to action. Make the language of your call to action simple but compelling – you need to convince your reader to act.

Finally, make sure you have an easy follow through for the customer; an accessible way to get to your website, a simple way to buy the product, or a quick way to sign up for a subscription.

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