Tip 12. P.S.

Article by Eleanor in - March 2018

Using post script provides a great opportunity to provide a personal, thoughtful, amusing or cheeky addition to your letter. Case studies indicate that the typical letter recipient’s eye moves down the page to the P.S. before they read everything in the letter!

Try to restate your proposition in the P.S. or emphasise your call to action. Your P.S. is an extra opportunity to catch your customers’ attention. Make it a bit different – don’t just reiterate your main message but make it a good ending for your mailer. Don’t state anything new – a P.S. isn’t for new information. You can make a different point to end on, so long as it’s thought-provoking, but it still needs to be relevant to your call to action.

Remind the customer of what they can do – call this number, visit this website, read your leaflet. Remind them of a discount you’re offering, a benefit they can receive and repeat the way they can respond to the mailer. You can even personalise it with the customer’s name to really grab their attention. As the percentage of readers that give a P.S. attention is so high, it shouldn’t be optional. Not having a P.S. would be a waste.

P.S. This caught your attention, didn’t it?

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