Tip 10. Multi touch

Article by Eleanor in - February 2018

Try and try again. People rarely buy or are convinced on a purchasing decision after one encounter. Most people need to be warmed up and persuaded before committing to a financial decision.

This doesn’t mean that you should continue to send the same direct mail to an unresponsive customer. However, you can target unresponsive customers by testing different direct mail. We discussed the importance of testing in the sixth blog and it’s especially useful in making your direct mail more effective. By trying different mailers and refining, these attempts will help convince your prospective customers without pestering them.

You don’t want to be sending drastically different mailers to these customers, you need a consistent call to action throughout the campaign. For example, if you want someone to go onto your online shop, think about what product images you’re sending them. They might not respond to one set of images, but another might show them a product which might convert them from an unresponsive reader into a buyer. This small change to a mailer might be all that it takes to convert a reader. Your main call to action might also need to be altered; it might say “Buy now” which scares some customers with the idea of a direct purchase and spending money. Buy changing some messaging, for example, saying “Shop now” instead, a different mailer could be more effective.

Keep testing and refining your direct mail and you’ll reach your more stubborn prospects.

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