Tip 1. Make it lumpy

Article by Eleanor in - November 2017

The first goal of a direct mail campaign is to get your envelope opened. Envelopes with a lumpy object inside are a great success tool. “Dimensional mail” has a significantly higher open rate and often generates higher response rates. People are curious about what’s inside, and the curiosity opens the envelope.

This overcomes one of the greatest difficulties when dealing with direct mail – how to ensure your mail will be given attention, and most importantly, be opened.

Ideas for lumpy mail could be product samples, a free company pen or post-it notes, or even a noisy product. Product samples will always satisfy the customer’s curiosity, they’re great to let the customer test your brand and learn more. Freebies are also a great way of keeping the prospect’s attention even after opening their lumpy mail. You don’t want your customer to feel deceived so the lumpy gifts do need to be justified but you can get creative with what to include and how your mail will look and feel.

Further steps to improve your direct mail include testing your lumpy mail against normal flat envelopes. These results can then be measured and help you make your direct mail more successful every time!

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