Tip 2. Easy skimming

Article by Eleanor in - November 2017

In an ideal world, your target audience would take a seat and some time out of their day to read your mailer without any distraction. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Busy lifestyles force skim reading, so if your mailer makes skimming difficult, you need to reassess the design.

The titles, imagery and design all need to convey your message quickly and clearly. Your prospect might only read the titles and glance at any images. Therefore, they need to be effective in informing your customer straight away about the message of the mailer; the call to action, any information, and what their next steps are in regards to your direct mail.

Recent surveys show that most households will at least skim the direct mail they receive. There are ways to make your direct mail easy to skim through whilst still ensuring your prospect retains the key messages. Make sure you bold the titles, think about what your prospect will see first – make this eye-catching and seek to retain their attention, and be specific and brief – a customer doesn’t want to read a lengthy mailer, make it compelling but concise. The use of shorter paragraphs, bullet points and images to convey your message can help with this.

When considering the layout of your direct mail, it might help to imagine the information laid out on a computer screen. Powerful photography, infographics, and other imagery carry more value than ever in the digital age. You should take as much time crafting the look of your letter as you spend on crafting the words and messaging.

BT mailed specific geographic areas where they knew their broadband was faster than competitors – they used direct mail as the perfect medium to send a bit of a different message. “We were going to email you, but we think your broadband’s so slow it was quicker to post you this” and an image of a loading circle on the envelope. Without even opening the direct mail, BT’s message was conveyed easily.

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