Mistake #10 Starting with the product – not the prospect

Article by Eleanor in - July 2017


Mail cannot be successful when its focus is on the product instead of the prospect. The communication should focus on customer feedback and what they consider to be the most significant issue or problem. Carry out research about your customers and prospects. You have to be able to understand their industry and where it’s going.

If you read primary information and publications from the industry, your knowledge will extend past most companies who merely reuse existing data. Through researching your prospect, you can learn about their concerns and needs. Too many companies and ad agencies limit themselves by ignoring their customer’s own views. Customer insight is key to product sales.

For example, DOVE “Real Women” campaign is an important example of how customer insight can be used to target the prospect. Research found that their female audience were not responding to adverts where the women featured did not represent or embody what average women actually look like. Their new campaign featuring more diverse groups of women appealed to numerous age groups and was highly successful. All they had to do was ask their customers.

Talk to your customers and learn what they value. It isn’t about what you think is important, successful direct mail will tell your customers what they want to hear.

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