Send direct mail today, watch your business grow tomorrow

in - June 2016

Send direct mail and improve your chances of finding new clients and customers – surely one of the greatest challenges that any company faces. Starting a business is hard enough, establishing yourself as a viable business in an ever expanding, ever more competitive marketplace. To then grow, develop and blossom can be hard work indeed. However, by blending innovative targeting and mailmerging techniques with the good old postal service, direct mail can help you to growth your business more easily. Direct mail marketing is nothing really new; Businesses have been sending flyers through letter boxes for generations, keen to drum up interest in a new product or service. However, the world of marketing has changed, and in order to keep up with the times, direct mail has changed with it. Nowadays, with the help of a dedicated team of experts, businesses can carefully and lovingly construct eye-catching and effective direct mail marketing campaigns.  These are designed to grab the attention of new and potential clients, and redirect them to a website or order form in order to establish them as real, paying customers. When you send direct mail, you are reaching out to perhaps thousands of people who fit a criteria you’ve established. Thousands of prospective customers, waiting to hear from you and receive your services.


Send direct mail and bust the myths


Who doesn’t like receiving mail? The sound of letters tumbling through a letterbox is surely one of the most joyful sounds we can hear, as it instantly takes us back to a simpler age before the invasion of bleeping mobile phones or flickering computer screens. There is a pervasive myth that a lot of direct mail ends up in the bin, but studies have shown this not to be the case. In fact, when you send direct mail through the post, if it has some connection with the interests, social situation, job or lifestyle of the recipient, research has established that the receiver is not only pleased to see it come through the door, but will take time to sit down and read over what has been sent. If you think about your own morning routine, perhaps you’ll notice that this is true – Sitting down and leafing through a letter or catalogue over a bowl of breakfast cereal can be a nice way to start the day, especially if the mail is something you can get excited about!


Our dedicated experts are waiting to help you send direct mail across the country.  We are waiting to help you expand and develop your business in new and exciting ways. Get in touch today on 0800 328 3251 and see how your business can blossom when you send direct mail.  


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