Printed Postage Impression Indicia Design to Change #ppi

in - June 2012

A familiar part of most of the direct mail envelopes that we all receive through the post is about to change.

The Printed Postage Impression or PPI, as it is more commonly known, which appears in the top right hand corner of all bulk mail, is being re-designed to include a “Delivered by Royal Mail” mark. The change has been approved by the postal regulator, Postcomm, and will be phased in between 23rd June 2012 and 2nd January 2013.

The UK was one of the first countries in the EU to open its domestic postal market to full competition in 2006 and it is now a fully competitive marketplace. Royal Mail is keen to ensure that recipients can easily identify which company has made the final delivery so they know who to contact in the case of mis-delivery, late delivery or other issues.

The new Printed Postage Impression design will be added to mail that has been carried from collection to delivery by Royal Mail, as well as Down Stream Access (or DSA) mail, where a private postal operator has collected and delivered mail to the nearest Royal Mail delivery office for Royal Mail to make the “final mile” delivery.