Mistake #3 Not using a letter in your mailing package

Article by Eleanor in - July 2017

Not using a letter in your mailing package

The letter is the most important part of your direct mail package.

A package with a letter will nearly always out pull a postcard, a catalogue or a brochure without a letter.

Why do letters matter? Because a letter creates a sense of personal communication. We view letters as “real”, and catalogues as “advertising.” Which is are you more likely to respond to?

A recent study commissioned by the Royal Mail found that “92% of respondents who felt something as a result of valued mail, did something”. Whether that be making a purchase, telling a friend or sticking it on the fridge, all actions are positive for your brand.

My advice would be to start with the basics; construct a well written letter and send it to the right audience before attempting anything extravagant and costly.

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