Mistake #2 Not testing

Article by Eleanor in - June 2017

Not testing direct mail campaigns

Those who are most successful at direct mail campaigns are those who test their direct mail campaigns. How else would you learn and improve next time?

Many who have attempted and failed at direct mail are guilty of failing to track response or test one mailing piece of list against another. As a result, they repeat their failures and have no idea of what works in direct mail – and what doesn’t.

In direct mail, you should not assume you know what will work. You need to test to find out.

“There are no answers in direct mail except test answers,” says Eugene Schwartz, author of the book, “Break-through Advertising.” “You don’t know whether something will work until you test it. And you cannot predict test results based on past experience.”

What has worked for others may not necessarily work for you, audiences are unique and complex, you need to treat them as such.

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