Mistake #5 Not having an offer

Article by Eleanor in - July 2017

Not having an offer

Too often in the development of a direct mail campaign, the offer is an afterthought; it’s simply added to the package after everything else is done.

This is a mistake.  The mailing creative should be built around the offer.

Make sure you have a well-thought-out offer in every mailing. If you think the offer and the way you describe it are unimportant, you are wrong.

Your copy should state the offer in such a way as to increase the reader’s desire to send for whatever it is you offer. For example, a catalogue becomes a product guide. A collection of brochures becomes a free information kit. A checklist becomes a convention planner’s guide. An article reprinted in pamphlet form becomes “our new, informative booklet-’How to Prevent Computer Failures.’”

You should always design your fulfilment literature with titles and information that will make them work well as offers in direct mail.

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