Article by Claudia Kennedy in - October 2018

Send DM has extended our direct mail expertise to the far expanses of Mongolia thanks to an exciting challenge from leading travel media company and the world’s number one travel guidebook brand, Lonely Planet.

Extending Lonely Planet’s pioneering use of What3Words, a ground-breaking yet simplified approach to specifying precise locations worldwide using a system that converts GPS coordinates to three-word addresses, our team has successfully directed marketing collateral across the country in support of the publication of the latest edition of the Lonely Planet Mongolia guide.

What3Words provides a revolutionary way of identifying precise locations across the globe through a highly advanced scientific framework. The arrangement effectively divides the world into 3m x 3m2 grids, assigning each plot a unique three-word address, so anyone can find an exact locale without ambiguity and in the absence of an existing address.

Using this strategy, Send DM effectively delivered vital campaign support for Lonely Planet in English and with Mongolian translations, to all places referenced in the guide.

What3Words is a new concept to direct mail and its use for clients is not only a milestone within the business, but also places us at the forefront of strategic mailing on an international scale.

Send DM are experts in data, hyper-personalised print, fulfilment and postage. Working with companies and marketing agencies in the automotive, trade, leisure and retail sectors to drive effective data-driven DM into integrated campaigns.

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