Marketing catalogues pivotal part of a multi-channel strategy

in - July 2014

More evidence of the power of combining digital and printed media to boost overall sales – with those who produce physical  marketing such as catalogues,  feeling less worried.

Companies willing to use marketing catalogues worry less about achieving sales targets

Companies with marketing catalogues are far less likely to worry about achieving sales targets, not least because the other sales channels used by them appear to perform better when supported by printed materials.

That’s one of the findings of a report Channel Vision — The Current and Potential Role of Catalogues in UK plc.

• Catalogues typically deliver a 29% uplift in web sales

• Despite the fact that half already have e-commerce and 20% plan to move into e-commerce in the coming year, only 5% plan to test some form of a printed production

• The survey reveals that only 34% of companies produce a catalogue

However, companies which use marketing catalogues as a sales channel report that 30% of their sales come directly from it and the vast majority says those sales are as good as last year, if not better – with 33% reporting that sales via this medium are up on the previous year.

Furthermore some 39% of the companies studied say their marketing catalogue is a brand builder, an important consideration for companies looking to do more with constrained marketing budgets.

Interestingly, 14% of companies stated they were relatively new to this form of marketing, having only begun producing them in the past year. Some 70% have clearly enjoyed success with their catalogues as they have been using them as a central part of their sales strategy for five years or more. You might also like to read about mail and email.

Source: Post Impressions magazine from One Post, Issue 53.

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