Mail United Kingdom statistics – it's all in the figures

in - May 2016

Mail United Kingdom Statistics and focused research prove time and time again that direct mail marketing campaigns work effectively.  Thanks to the expertise and experience of direct mail specialists, you could see your own sales figures rise, thanks to the fantastic effect mail marketing can bring – quickly, effectively and efficiently.

So what can we ascertain from mail United Kingdom statistics, and why does direct mail marketing work so well?

Direct Mail Marketing Statistics – Increasing responses

Firstly, it has been shown that over 80% of direct mail is opened by the resident. The more attention grabbing and well designed your campaign is, the higher this figure will be. The idea that most direct marketing is thrown in the bin is clearly little more than a myth.

Over 95% of direct mail marketing material offers links to an online response page, or includes a paid return envelope. This gives selected potential customers two separate methods to get in touch, and massively increases the possibilities with which to spread your business.


Bring the smiles!

More than three quarters of the population would say that direct mail marketing that targets their needs and requirements, or looks as though it is going to save them money, makes them very happy indeed. There’s something of the personal touch that direct mail brings that sets it apart from email campaigns, and potential customers really appreciate them.


Easy to Swallow

Perhaps most importantly, the majority of customers feel as though direct mail is easier to manage, read and understand than anything that pops up on their computer screen. Perhaps it’s down to the fact that paper leaflets, catalogues and letters can be held in the hand, read at leisure, retained, re-read and shared with family members, that they are received far more positively and understood far more clearly than any other type of direct marketing material.


So, the mail United Kingdom statistics speak for themselves – why not get in touch and see how it could change your business for the better? Take a look at our website for the wide range of direct mail solutions we offer.

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