Mail Solutions with Postcard Direct Mail Marketing Services

in - August 2016

Mail Solutions with Postcard Direct Mail Marketing provides a trackable, measurable event enabling you to effectively budget and analyse results.  Regular direct marketing to a target audience will allow you to drill down and gauge the most successful approaches as you split test, adjust and tweak your campaigns based on response, audience, location and buying behaviours.  

In order to fully understand your market, you should run consecutive campaigns and not make the common mistake of issuing one campaign and feel disillusioned with the response and stop.  

Mail Solutions: Build a Story – Drop by Regularly

When we issue multiple mail solutions, not only do we introduce our brand into households and businesses on a more frequent basis, but we have the opportunity to build a rapport with our customers, allowing our customers to become more familiar with our brand and its personality; we may use humour, lifestyle, dreams and aspirations to bring us closer to our customer.  We aim to grab attention quickly with eye catching headlines, call to action, graphics or perhaps offers; by using discount codes we can effectively track responses.  Postcard direct mail marketing is an ideal way to catch attention; with the ability to personalise, creating a handwritten, personal effect, a postcard is just enough to convey a concise message, and given that it is already open, it is less likely to find its way into the bin as junk mail without a cursory glance; this is your opportunity to convey your message and attract attention to that all important call to action.

With a proven track record, the experienced team at Send Marketing Solutions deliver a quality service to its clients, adding value by providing a consistent, clear message via direct mailing services.  With accreditation from the Royal Mail Strategic Mailing Partnership and Partners in Quality, our clients can be assured of attention to detail and impeccable customer service at all times.

The team at Send Marketing Solutions are waiting for your call on 0800 328 3251; we are happy to discuss and queries that you have in respect of of any direct mail solutions and advise you on all forms of direct mailing, postcard or not! Visit our website or email to obtain a free quotation.  Call now, we look forward to hearing from you.  Alternatively read more about Direct Mailing Solutions.


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