Mail Fulfilment – what is it?!

in - February 2016

You’ve probably heard about direct mail fulfilment as a form of non-digital marketing you can use to reach potential new customers. You may also have heard about the companies offering direct mail services, saving the time and the stress of doing it yourself. But what about direct mail fulfilment?

What Is Direct Mail Fulfilment?


Basically, direct mail fulfilment services are offered by a direct mail advertising company and will save you time and – more importantly – space: they will offer a managed service with several useful features, such as providing help designing the marketing materials, processing lists, printing the actual materials and then, finally, posting them out, without them having to even set foot in your office. Some companies will also offer other services that aim to reduce your costs and time when dealing with advertising.


How Can Direct Mail Fulfilment Help You With Your Business Advertising Needs?


It’s all about saving you time, so direct mail fulfilment services will take care of every aspect of the campaign – whether this means planning the campaign strategy, sorting out mailing lists, digital and offset printing, folding/finishing or sorting out the best postage option. By carrying out these tasks for you, they can use their expertise and specialist knowledge to get you the results you need as efficiently as possible, without the need for trial and error or spending your spare time generating lists and dealing with the mail itself.


Direct mail can be a great way of reaching new customers, especially if you’re aiming your business at certain demographics who may not trust the internet with regards to spam and phishing scams; they may not know where an email has come from, but feel that they can trust the brochure or leaflet they hold in their hands. This just shows that a mix of advertising – both traditional and non-traditional, digital and non-digital – can reach different customers and can provide effective leads.
Send Marketing is a Walsall-based business specialising in direct mail services, data insight, marketing solutions and more. An ISO 9001 quality-certified company, they have been accredited by the Royal Mail Strategic Mailing Partnership and Partners in Quality. Their employees are all highly experienced and knowledgeable of their field, so get in touch today for all of your direct mail fulfilment needs – they will be able to advise you on what’s best for you and your business.

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