Mistake #1 Ignoring the most important factor in direct mail

Article by Eleanor in - June 2017

Ignoring the most important factor in direct mail


The most important part of your direct mail campaign isn’t the copy, it’s not the artwork, it’s not when you post. It’s your mailing list.

A perfectly designed piece of direct mail with a great offer and a strong call to action will never give you the results you want if it’s going to the wrong audience.

A female friend of mine regularly receives a very well designed prostate supplement brochure, I don’t think the design has convinced her to purchase anything yet! The most common mistake in direct mail is making the mailing list a secondary consideration. Remember: your mailing list is not just a way of reaching your market. It is the market.

The best list available to you is your list of recent customers. These are the people who have positively engaged with your business and bought something in the past. It is vital for good direct marketing opportunities to collect their details as and when possible, doing so gives you access to your most likely respondents, better understanding of who your customers are and opens new possibilities for marketing to a very similar demographic.

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