How to write an effective mailshot

in - April 2017

Studies suggest that the ROI on mailshots are high (approx. £3.22 per £1 spent). But you’ll only get the result you want if you’ve put in the work to make sure that the content is right. The content of your mailshot will depend on your company, service, product and the message you are attempting to convey, but there are some standards to adhere to in all mailshot writing, here are just a few:

    1. Write a great headline. People lose interest quickly. Get straight to the point with a punchy headline, such as an offer, and follow up with the details afterwards.


    1. Spelling and grammar. Nothing screams unprofessionalism like a typo, spelling error or grammatical mistake. Always make sure you’ve proof read your content and had someone else take a look at it too.


    1. Personalisation. Avoid the “junk mail” connotation with effective personalisation. Nothing says junk mail like a completely anonymous mailer. There are plenty of ways to personalise your mailshot, though the recipient’s name and address is a good place to start. Go one step further by analysing customers’ past habits to pre-empt their future actions. Recipients are far more likely to engage if the mailshot is tailored to their specific needs.


    1. Call to action. Once you have told the recipient why they should get in touch, you need to tell them how to. The call to action should be simple: call us, email us, visit us, go to our website etc.Give your customers a direct invitation to get in contact with you and explain how and you’ll be far more likely to be successful in getting a response.


    1. Create a sense of urgency. By placing an expiration date on your offer or a deadline near your call to action, the reader of your mailshot has a reason to deal with your mailer now rather than adding it to the “I’ll deal with it later pile”.


    1. Keep to the point. Your sentences should be short and poignant. Every word matters.


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