How do you know so much about me?

in - March 2017

When I’m travelling I like to send a few postcards back home to family and friends. There’s something wonderful about sharing your experiences on a card that travels all the way back home before you do. The combination of a great picture and a few hastily scribbled words can sum up the best bits of being on holiday.

But have you ever wondered about the postcards, letters and leaflets that land on your doormat from companies and how they seem to know so much about you? We’ve all received letters and leaflets from businesses that seem to know where you like to eat, the last time you had an MOT and where you usually shop – it can seem a little bit spooky when you pause to consider it.

The answer lies in the way companies analyse their customer data in order to understand our behaviour. When you make a purchase (be that online or in store) the business has just learnt something important and they will be sure to use that information to try and influence your future behaviour. Customer databases can store not only the names and addresses of every customer, but how those customers initially responded, to which offers, what they have previously brought and how much they have spent – in short every interaction that they have with a business.

If you want to learn more about this interesting field then we’re currently searching for a Client Services Executive to join our team. We’ll teach you all that you need to know about direct mail – from data supply, segmentation and targeting to how to produce and mail client projects in a way that delivers the best possible return on investment. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who’s great at building relationships and working within a close knit team to branch out into a whole new world. So if you’re enthusiastic, brimming with ideas and have a keen eye for detail, we want to talk to you.

To apply please contact our group Talent Manager Faith for further information via:

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