Mistake #6 Having superficial copy

Article by Eleanor in - July 2017

Having superficial copy

Nothing kills a direct mailer like bad copy.

Direct mail’s primary aim isn’t to be pretty, be remembered, create an image or make an impact, it’s main aim is to generate a response.

One of the quickest ways to kill that response is with bad copy. To talk in vague generalities, rather than specifics. To ramble without authority on a subject, rather than show customers that you understand their problems, their industries and their needs.

To write strong, specific, factual copy – you must be well informed. You must study the product, the prospect and the marketing problem. There is no way around this. Without facts, you cannot write good copy. But with the facts at their fingertips, even mediocre copywriters can do a decent job.

How much research is enough? Follow Bly’s Rule, which says you should collect at least twice as much information as you need – preferably three times as much. Then you have the luxury of selecting only the best facts, instead of trying desperately to find enough information to fill up the page.

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