GDPR – Data Protection Assurance Checklist

Article by Eleanor in - October 2017

Data Protection Assurance Checklist

The ICO have created a data protection assurance checklist to ensure you and your business are compliant. Check your progress here and use the checklist to see what you need to be working on (in the next few months…

  1. Your business has established an appropriate data protection policy.
  2. Your business has nominated a data protection lead.
  3. Your business provides data protection awareness training for all staff.
  4. Your business has registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  5. Your business has made privacy notices readily available to individuals.
  6. Your business has established a process to recognise and respond to individuals’ requests to access their personal data.
  7. Your business has established processes to ensure personal data is of sufficient quality to make decisions about individuals.
  8. Your business has established a process to routinely dispose of personal data that is no longer required in line with agreed timescales.
  9. Your business has established an information security policy supported by appropriate security measures.
  10. Your business ensures an adequate level of protection for any personal data processed by others on your behalf or transferred outside the European Economic Area.
  11. Your business has established a process to ensure new projects or initiatives are privacy-proofed at the planning stage.


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