Mistake #11 Failing to appeal to all five senses

Article by Eleanor in - July 2017


Direct mail is three-dimensional and can appeal to all five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. When sending out direct mail, the sense of sight should already be targeted. Yet, most direct mail fails to take advantage of the marketing potential of the other senses.

There often isn’t the budget or time for additions but when planning a direct mail you should at least thinking about whether you can make it more powerful by adding a solid object, fragrance or even a sound.

There’s a great example of scent in direct mail online. A cat food company used catnip-infused paper for cat litter ads. It resulted in entertaining media content for cat-owners and generated online attention for the company. A simple addition added a completely new dimension to the mail.

Enclosing something unique can catch the attention of a client who may receive lots of mail every day and it can separate you from the crowd. Ideas can include small gifts showing off your company logo or product samples. Product samples are an old technique but sending a product sample can be a very effective way of enticing customers.

More interactive additions can be very successful for example a cube which you have to assemble to gradually create a message or the inclusion of QR codes which can easily be scanned and link to media content.

You can make a direct mailer much more effective by taking advantage of all five senses in imaginative ways.

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