Email Marketing Solutions and Direct Mail

in - August 2016

The digital age is upon us – a fast, effective method of distributing your email marketing solutions, whether you are aiming for a local or niche market, or spreading a global net, your message can be received instantly.  Therefore, your message needs to be eye-catching and concise with calls to action directing your prospective clients to visit your website, checkout or contact you for advice and information.  Email broadcast can be an efficient and cost effective method of reaching a wide audience, quickly.  

You may be approaching a new market, introducing a new product or service, or maintaining a consistent relationship with your existing client base.  Given that many of us are constantly “switched on”, responsive to emails, nudges, rings and dings on our mobiles and devices, what better way than to keep in constant contact with your existing clients and reach out to new markets.

There has never been a better time to issue direct mail

There are those that believe that we have moved on from direct mailing; that the digital age has replaced the comparatively expensive snail mail; Send Marketing Solutions disagree.  There has never been a better time to issue a direct mailing campaign, straight to your current clients, or perhaps exploring new markets.  With less direct mail material issued than ever before, this is an ideal time to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.  With a consistent message across your marketing media, you can create a digital, visual and physical campaign, appealing to a wide market.  We should always remember that there will still be some for whom email remains a mystery and who relish the postman calling each day.
By harnessing the positive elements of both email marketing solutions and direct mail you can appeal to and potentially capture a wider market.  You could build the campaign digitally, with tasters of new product releases, offers and sales and then issue direct mail with brochures, goodies and vouchers, all providing effective calls to action, leaving your clients and prospects in anticipation of the next mailing, invitation or offer.

The team at Send Marketing Solutions are waiting for your call on 0800 328 3251 to discuss your email marketing solutions and direct mailing solutions. Visit our website or email to obtain a free quotation.  Call now, we look forward to hearing from you. Follow this link if you’d like to read about email database management.


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