Direct Marketing – why you should use it #directmarketing

in - March 2016

Growth is every business’ goal and marketing and advertising play crucial parts in achieving this. Direct marketing – making direct contact with existing and potential customers to promote your products or services – is one of the more powerful tools that businesses can use to boost brand and product awareness as well as increasing sales and growth.

For the uninitiated, direct mail marketing includes traditional channels such as direct mail and telephone marketing, but also direct email marketing and SMS.

It is often used as an effective way for businesses to tell their existing and potential customers about their latest offers. In addition, it is a way to put your brand, products and/or services directly in front of your customer – this can encourage existing customers to purchase more and previous customers to start buying from you again.

When direct marketing is done badly – for example, a poorly targeted, generic email, containing information that is irrelevant to the customer who has received it – it can be viewed as junk and discarded. This can harm the business’ reputation, but also means that the campaign doesn’t realise its goal and the money spent on it is wasted.

However – when done well, it has been shown to deliver better results in terms of generating sales than other forms of marketing. It is also easier to calculate your return on investment, as responses can be tracked more efficiently.

What gives direct promotions its strength is that it can be personalised to individual customers. If people feel they have been targeted directly, it can make them feel more valued. Combined with a strong message and clear call to action, it can provide compelling reasons for the customer to engage with your business.

As a long-established direct mail house, Send Marketing Solutions’ team has a huge amount of experience about what makes a successful direct mail campaign. Working with clients at every stage, our team can tailor a direct marketing campaign to your needs and budgets – we are as comfortable working with multinational companies as small businesses – all focused on boosting sales and awareness of your brand, products and services.

To view the full range of direct marketing services that Send provides, click here, or contact us on 0800 328 3251.

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