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in - November 2015

Direct Mail Company Advantages

Using a direct mail  company will give you advantages with your direct mail and can be extremely lucrative,  if your campaign is done right. A successful direct mail campaign can bring in large profits, but it needs to be handled carefully and designed to be as successful as possible, so that it makes money rather than costing you money.

Direct Mail Advantages

The first consideration in your direct mail campaign has to be your mailing list and data set. Knowing who your audience is is vital, as there’s very little point in targeting people who are unlikely to be receptive to your offers. Ensuring your list is laser-targeted will save you a lot of money at the outset and increase the return that you get from your investment in direct mail marketing in the long run. We can help you with CRM Database Management Solutions to ensure you get the best return on investment.

A great way to ensure that you save money is to use the same company to print and mail your materials. In addition to providing a full suite of print services, companies such as ours have negotiated fantastic rates and services that include Royal Mail end delivery, to ensure that you’re able to print and send items for less than the cost of a postage stamp alone. We’re also able to ensure that your mailings are kept as cost-effective as possible by providing advice on the regulations surrounding postage pricing brackets and service options.

The copy on your mailings is also hugely important, and you should ensure that you’re speaking to the customer rather than from the company. What will your potential customers want? How would you react if you were your target customer and this mailing came through the door? Ensure you test your materials on people who represent your target market but aren’t “inside the tent” — often, the worst people to look over promotional materials are people who work in the industry.

You should always ensure that you monitor the success of your mailing campaigns, testing to see how successful they are and how much business they’ve generated. This can be done by using coded offers, or directing enquiries to particular website landing pages or telephone numbers. By split testing different approaches you can quickly gauge the profit generated by your direct mail activity and refine your mail-outs to increase their success and profitability. This way, you can ensure that your direct mail campaigns become more and more successful as time goes on.

Send are an experienced direct marketing company, if you would like to our team about our direct mail marketing services, call us today or enquire through our website and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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