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in - March 2016

Direct mail remains one of the most effective forms of marketing for businesses – in terms of the cost to produce and the response it generates. A well-targeted direct mail marketing campaign can boost your business’ sales considerably.

The crucial word here is targeted: sending out a generic mailing to a poorly targeted list is unlikely to generate the response that senders hope for – many recipients will see it as junk mail and simply throw it away. But a direct mailing that is personalised to individual consumers with the right offer can yield impressive results.

How effective is direct mailing?


In 2012, research by Direct Mail News in the US found that the average response rate to direct mail was 4.4% for business-to-business and consumer mailings. Contrast that with the response rate to email of only 0.12%. While digital marketing has become very popular in recent years, this shows that, far from being a dying medium, direct mail still has a significant role to play in successful marketing to businesses and consumers.

As a direct mail house, direct mail is something that Send Marketing Solutions are experts at – and passionate about. We’re here to help you to get your direct mail message into the hands of your customers, at a time when they are likely to read it and respond to it. A direct mailing with a targeted, personalised message to customers will make them feel valued and can be a great way to re-engage with previous customers and remind them about your products and/or services and the value they bring. It can be a great way to promote a new offer or raise interest in a product or service.

Another advantage when direct mailing is that it is easy to measure your results – you can see how many people respond to it and measure the revenue that your campaign helps to generate. Understanding the return on investment generated by your marketing activity is crucial to building a successful marketing strategy. By including unique response codes, or by directing customers to specific landing pages or telephone numbers, it’s easy to measure the response generated by your direct mail activity.

Send Marketing Solutions’ experts can manage your direct mail advertising from planning through to mailing dispatch. Visit our website for more information on Send Marketing Solutions’ direct mailing solutions. To view the full range of direct marketing services that we provide, click here.

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