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in - November 2014

Direct Mailers make a comeback for Next.

Next is making a return to direct mail after finding that a drop in the amount sent by rivals meant it is now more effective and has a positive impact on its business, boosting new customer numbers and profits.

direct mailers

Speaking to Marketing Week at an event to announce its first half results, Next boss Lord Wolfson said the retailer had switched off its direct mail marketing over the past six or seven years because the huge quantity that consumers received made it ineffective. However, with the volumes sent out by brands much lower now Wolfson said Next has “turned it back on” and found that it helped to increase sales in the UK.

Return to direct mailers, why?

“There was too much [direct mail] six years ago but the volume people get today is infinitely less. The more there is the less effective it becomes, the less the more effective. It has not been a profitable form of recruitment for many years but last year we started doing it again and got some positive results, an increase in sales,” said Wolfson. Learn more about the Benefits of Using a Mailing House.

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