Direct Mail Services: How We Can Help Your Business

in - February 2016

Even in today’s digital age where companies advertise directly to customers online, direct mail services can provide an effective and cost-effective way of reaching potential new clients through the medium of post. But why should you use direct mail? And how do you go about setting up a direct mail campaign? Here are a few tips to get you started.


Why Use Direct Mail Services?


In today’s world, we get bombarded with email after email, newsletter after newsletter piling up in our inbox, and when we have so many, what do we do? We delete them without reading any of it. This action has become ingrained in us, and so many email campaigns are lost that way. However, if we receive a colourful, interesting-looking glossy leaflet or brochure through the post, we will probably take the time to look at it, especially if it gives us a break from the computer screen for a minute or so. Direct mail can reach your clients in a way email might not. Another of the advantages of using direct mail services is that you have many options available to you, from large scale bulk direct mail to one-off mailings for smaller or simpler marketing objectives.


How Do You Set Up A Direct Mail Campaign?


There are companies out there who provide direct mail services to firms, taking the stress away from you and letting you get on with the important things – running your own business. Therefore, in order to set up a direct mail campaign, the main thing you need to do is find a direct mail house, someone who can spend time doing things that you don’t have the time for, from direct mailing solutions to direct mail fulfilment and more.


Send Marketing
One of these such companies is Send Marketing Solutions, a Walsall-based business specialising in direct mail services, data insight, direct email marketing solutions and more. An ISO 9001 quality-certified company, they have been accredited by the Royal Mail Strategic Mailing Partnership and Partners in Quality. They’ve also been featured in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Business To Work For, highlighting how well they work as a team. Get in touch today to see how their experts can help you.

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