Direct Mail partner – why every Marketing Agency should have one

in - August 2016

Why every Marketing Agency should have a specialist Direct Mail partner

The clients of Full Service Marketing and Advertising Agencies expect agencies to be just that, “full service” – Experts all things marketing and advertising and able to apply their skills across a myriad of channels and specialisms.

In reality, many agencies look for external support from a Direct Mail partner in order to fulfil some of their clients’ demands.  This is particularly true when it comes to direct mail and there are a number of reasons why working with a direct mail partner like Send Marketing Solutions can add real value for your clients and your agency.

  • Most agencies don’t have the software, machinery and staff to print and fulfil mailings…

Efficient mailing fulfilment requires specialist data processing capabilities, mail merge software, printing and inserting machinery – not to mention postage expertise and great relationships with postal suppliers.  This is what Direct Mail marketing companies do every day, so enlisting a specialist direct mail partner can help to cement your client relationships and deliver great results.

  • Many clients don’t know how to get maximum value from their customer and prospect data.  

By combining an agencies in-house creative and planning expertise with the specialist data and postal service knowledge of a mailing house, agencies can deliver improved ROI from campaigns that really achieve the results the client is looking for, whilst minimising production and mailing costs.

  • Direct Mail specialists add value at the planning stage – it’s not just about passing the mailing house a brief and getting a quote after all of the important decisions have been made.

Direct mail design and construction can often have unintended negative consequences – unless you know all of the rules and regulations that apply to certain postal services.  Placing a logo in a particular position on an outer envelope could add 15% to your postage costs, just because your mailing doesn’t meet the requirements of the most cost effective service.  

Early input from a mailing specialist can help to avoid pitfalls like this.  Direct mail specialists like Send Marketing are used to being involved in projects at an early stage and advice is usually given without charge – as we are keen for our clients to win as many projects/campaigns as possible.  By working collaboratively with agencies, we know that you’ll win more business and when our agency clients are busy, so are we!  

We like to think of this as the “Powered by Send” approach.  Clients of those agencies that we work with just see it as their agency delivering more of what they need…

We’ll be sharing more Direct Mail thoughts over the coming months but, if you can’t wait that long, or if you are looking for a direct mail partner rather than just a supplier, then give Send Marketing a call or pop in and ask what we could do for your agency and your clients…

If you would like Send Marketing Solutions to be your Direct Mail partner, contact us  now.  You may also like to read our blog post on Direct Mail Experts Send Marketing.

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