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in - May 2016

When people initially think of direct mail marketing campaigns, their first reactions can be somewhat negative. After all, we’ve all had the experience of rushing to the door when we hear the postman drop by, only to feel a sense of disappointment when we realise what’s fallen through the letter box is simply junk. Where does this feeling of dissatisfaction come from? It’s essentially due to the fact that a lot of junk mail generally has no connection to us as residents, no connection to what we do, what we want, or what we take an interest in.

A direct mail marketing campaign is different because it doesn’t allow the business wishing to promote its products or services to waste their money on people who are highly unlikely to respond positively.  It takes careful steps to specifically curate a campaign to ensure potential customers receive the information they need, at a time they are most likely to need it. With a direct mail marketing campaign, instead of disappointing people and seeing your campaign letters, flyers or catalogues etc end up in the bin, businesses can spread their message effectively, and see their customer base expand.

Careful Targeting on your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

The key to good business is to know your customers. With a few basic research tools and by taking a couple of simple steps, you can use what you know about your customer base to target them more effectively with a direct mail marketing campaign. Just by knowing their age bracket, their interests, and the areas they’re likely to live in – amongst dozens of other potential criteria – you can launch a direct mail marketing campaign which is going to reach them and introduce them to what your business does in a positive way.

The Personal Touch

Direct mail marketing campaigns can deliver interesting, powerful results driven by their psychological impact on us as individuals. We are all susceptible to psychological marketing methods, and none work more effectively than those which make potential clients feel special. This is what can transform potential customers into real, paying, happy customers. People like to feel as though they are being contacted directly, and a carefully constructed and pitched campaign will make them feel like your company is communicating exclusively with them, thus making them more likely to respond than if they’d solicited contact themselves. With a finely honed and effectively designed direct mail marketing campaign, you can take advantage of that excited rush to the letterbox, and give a personal touch to your promotions that will see your numbers blossom.

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