Direct Mail Marketing Trends #directmailmarketingtrends

in - January 2016

If it’s handled correctly, direct mail marketing can be one of the most lucrative forms of marketing available to businesses. In order to manage it effectively, it’s important that companies observe and follow the prevailing wind in the market, which means looking at the current direct mail marketing trends.

There are a number of statistics available which highlight the current direct mail marketing trends, including the fact that 72% of people cite customer service as a top priority in terms of their loyalty as a customer. So, if you can demonstrate that personal touch from the off, you’re more likely than ever to win that person over as a new customer. That means no more ‘To the occupier’ letters or generic mailings, as these are the ones that most often get binned. Keeping it personalised and laser targeted will always reap far bigger rewards.

In addition, 54% of customers state that they would increase the amount of business they do with a company if they offered loyalty rewards. Indeed, when it comes to retargeting (targeting your existing customers using direct mail), this is one of the most valuable things you can do. With almost two thirds of customers believing that the brands they’re most loyal to aren’t doing enough for them, your company can be the breath of fresh air they’re looking for.

It would be fair to say that 2016 is going to be a big year for direct mail marketing, with 2015 already having seen record results in many sectors. There will be potential postage increases (something which can be negated by dealing with Send Marketing Solutions, as we have negotiated hugely discounted preferential rates), far more personalisation as the depth and accuracy of data increases, even greater integration with digital marketing as the lines between the two blur and even more focus on female customers (as women were revealed to be responsible for 85% of household purchases in 2014). With 91% of women feeling that marketers don’t understand them, this is a huge untapped market for the first business to get it right.

We’d love to help you with your next direct mail marketing campaign and to use these direct mail marketing trends to your business’s advantage. For more information on Send Marketing Solutions  products or services, give us a call today and we’ll happily discuss the ways in which we can help boost your business.

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