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in - August 2016

Unique Direct Mail Marketing Ideas are essential as we all respond differently to mail  As we mature and our lives, lifestyle and circumstances change, so do the things that are important to us.  What appealed to us as teenagers becomes of lesser interest as we grow older and progress in our chosen career or start a family; or indeed as we retire and begin to enjoy our leisure time.

When you approach marketing from this angle, direct mail marketing becomes a science, constantly looking at your changing target market as it evolves and grows with you and your brand.  Your customers may stay loyal for a lifetime, but equally, they may move on.  You may diversify, to retain your audience, constantly tweaking and monitoring direct mail marketing campaigns to achieve optimum results.

If we look at an 18-24 year old market, we see that they are super responsive to technology and gadgets, but direct mail is a relatively unknown quantity to them in this digital age.  However, they are switched on to branding and image and are highly likely to respond to quality imagery, offers, restaurant vouchers with clear calls to action online, or via apps.

For young couples without children, living uncluttered lives, where careers are being built and leisure time with like-minded friends is premium; decisions and purchases are made around lifestyle, home and aspirations, and buying experiences are often shared with friends.  Direct mail needs to be clear, to the point and have the ability to be shared amongst friends, such as brochures with online access.

As we begin to look at families, we see that they are open to information, help and ways to save money.  Brands will often send relevant information to young parents, plotting milestones such as weaning, first teeth, first shoes, learning development and play.  Providing offers and incentives with clear cut messages will appeal, again with the ability to respond easily, digitally.

As the family grows, so does the quantity of direct mail; therefore it is important to ensure brand loyalty and engagement, with articles that will remain on the coffee table to be dipped into at leisure.  Again, make it simple to purchase, order and book online or via apps.

Direct mail marketing ideas and digital communication go hand in hand until we reach middle age; as we grow older, we know what we like and we focus less on items that do not interest us.  Therefore, direct mail marketing should be clearly targeted to this age group, no nonsense, clear messages with simple call to action via phone and post; a medium with which this age group are most comfortable.

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