Direct mail marketing company – why use one?

in - March 2016

What can a direct mail marketing company bring to a business that is thinking about organising a direct mail campaign?


Direct mail is something that businesses can produce in-house. But this can be labour and resource intensive, so it makes sense to get a specialist direct mail marketing company to do it  – and give you the benefit of their wealth of expertise in executing successful direct mail campaigns.

With a direct mail marketing company, you are buying the knowledge of what works and what’s most cost effective.  This can help you to win new customers and get more business from your existing ones, boosting your company’s income and standing in your particular sector.

Successful direct mail campaigns can produce better results, in terms of generating sales, than print or online advertising. Direct mail marketing also works well in conjunction with other media – combining direct mail and email marketing can deliver a huge uplift in comparison to using email alone.

By analysing customer and sales data, businesses can create a direct mailing list that enables them to build a direct mail campaign that’s personalised to individual consumers – and will therefore have a far greater success than a generic mail shot sent out to the entire list. Personalised mail shots make the customer feel valued, whereas generic ones can contain irrelevant information that is viewed by recipients as junk.

As a direct mail marketing company of many years standing, Send Marketing Solutions’ team has a vast amount of experience in direct mail marketing. We at Send are passionate about direct mail and know how effective a well-managed campaign can be.

Working with clients at every stage, our team can tailor a direct marketing campaign to your needs and budgets – we are as comfortable working with multinational companies as small businesses – all focused on boosting sales and awareness of your brand, products and services. Whether it is optimising your direct mailing list, organising regular campaigns or something more specialist, Send has the expertise to deliver great results.

We never use freelance mailing operatives, and all our staff, including those in the warehouse, have been trained. We’ve been included in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Business to Work For and are accredited by Investors in People – showing how much we value our workforce.

Visit our website for more information on Send Marketing Solutions’ direct mailing solutions or give us a call on 0800 328 3251.

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