Direct mail lists – a crucial marketing tool #directmaillists

in - March 2016

When you’re planning a marketing campaign, your choice of mailing list will be crucial to the success of your campaign.

A business’ direct mail lists are one of its most valuable marketing resources. A list that is kept up-to-date with customers’ information – and that of prospective customers – can be used to increase customer satisfaction and, more importantly, increase sales. At Send Marketing Solutions, we can offer a range of CRM Database Management Solutions

Good direct mail lists are built from more than just basic customer details, such as name and address.  By analysing your customers’ buying habits you can spot buying trends and better understand their individual needs and likely buying triggers.

If you are a b2c business, then utilising lifestyle information such as gender, age and income can help to target specific marketing messages at specific demographic groups.

At Send Marketing Solutions, we understand the importance of data quality and can help you to analyse your data and find ways to increase the success of your direct mail campaigns.

By carefully defining and segmenting your direct mail lists, it’s easier to target and personalise your direct mail campaign. It is well known that using personalisation to target a customer directly, with messages and offers specific to them, has a much greater chance of being successful than a generic mail shot addressed  to ‘Dear valued customer’, for instance.

We at Send also understand the value of keeping direct mail lists clean – making sure they are accurate, up-to-date and free of duplicates. Regular data cleaning will help to ensure that your mailings are addressed correctly and that your offers are relevant to the recipient.  Without regular cleaning it’s likely that you’ll waste money sending incorrect or irrelevant information that can quickly alienate customers and prospects.

By understanding the customer data that you hold as a business, you can make more informed decisions about everything from product development to pricing, gaining a deeper understanding of what existing customers like and want. The information that you hold can then be used to profile and target potential new customers too.

When your direct mail lists have been targeted, cleaned and optimised, Send Marketing Solutions can provide an end to end direct mail service – data, printing, fulfilment and postage, all under one roof. Our experts will work alongside you throughout the process, from first discussions about a campaign, right through to delivery – ensuring that your direct mail campaign has the maximum impact on customers and ultimately, sales.

For more information on Send Marketing Solutions’ direct mailing solutions, and to view the full range of direct marketing services that Send provides, click here.

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