Direct mail letters still capture consumers’ attention

in - January 2013

The influential fast.MAP Marketing Gap tracking study was published early in October. And the good news for those involved with direct mail is that consumers are still receptive to the medium of direct mail letters through the letterbox.

8 out of 10 people will open direct mail letters
34% of these open all direct mail letters
And, as to be expected, where there is a relationship with the company, some 45% will open messages.
This is the eighth edition of the fast.MAP Marketing Gap report and throughout this period consumers have always been most likely to open and read personally addressed mail from brands or companies they know and about products or services which interest them.

The report assesses the gaps between consumers’ perceptions of direct marketing and how marketers think they feel.

It is interesting to note marketers have always underestimated the number of people who will open mail.

Meanwhile many marketers believe that consumers are more than happy to receive direct marketing via texts and social media… they are out of touch with reality!

For example, only 6% of the 1,000 people surveyed say they would be happy to receive direct communications about entertainment from brands through social media.
But this is far below the average marketers expectations… who estimated that 19% of people would be happy to receive such messages through social networks.

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Source: Postal Choices Ltd – Post Impressions magazine Issue 48

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