Direct Mail Letter Openings #directmailletteropenings

in - December 2015

When it comes to direct mail, you’re likely to worry about a number of things. What about open and response rates? The costs? Whether your teams are set up to handle the new volume of incoming calls and mail? They’re all things which are easily taken care of, and in any case they won’t be a worry unless you get one very important thing right: the opening line of your mailing.

This is a difficult thing to get right, but next time you’re trying to improve your direct mail campaigns effectiveness, take a closer look at the opening line. There are a number of tried and tested forms of wording which can have a huge effect on how successful your campaign will be.

As you might already know, speaking personably to people tends to help. So, openings such as I need your help, Because you are a…, You’re a rare bird. A customer who deserves… or even We’ve missed you can go a long way to improving success rates.

Questions also catch the eye of readers very effectively. Try opening your mailings with Did you know…?, Have you ever wished that…? or What if…? As human beings, we don’t like unanswered questions, so the psychological desire is created for the reader to read on to discover the answers, even if they don’t particularly seem to care about the question itself.

Shock tactics work, too. Try phrases such as I’ll get right to the point, You’re in trouble. And so am I. Here’s why, and We’ve got some good news and bad news. The bad news is ________. But here’s the good part. These can really catch the eye. No-one expects companies to be so forward and blunt, but most people like it when they are. After all, we Brits love honesty and directness. You might be surprised at how successful it can be.

Put simply, your direct mail letter openings are going to be the first bit people read and we don’t want it to be the only bit they’ll read. You can reduce the number of times that happens by ensuring your opening line is enticing, engaging and catches the eye more often than not. Just simply taking some time to consider your opening line can greatly improve the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign and increase the profits you see as a result of it. In other words, it’s a no-brainer.

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