Direct mail in Britain – who is responding?! #directmail

in - April 2013

Royal Mail recently announced that direct mail in Britain, now accounts for half of all letters that come through the door in the UK. But what sort of people are most likely to respond to direct mail in Britain?

New insight from Kantar Media’s TGI survey reveals…

  • Eight million British adults fall into the heaviest 20% of consumers who respond to direct mail
  • And these people are 28% more likely than the average British adult to be aged between 25-34
  • Close to a third are more likely to have a family income of at least £50,000, with 81% more likely to work at senior management level

Direct mail respondents are certainly a worthwhile group for marketers to target, but understanding what will catch their eye amongst the pile of envelopes is the key to making the most out of this powerful medium.

While their income may be high, they are not averse to hunting for a bargain as they are over twice as likely as the average Brit to look out for coupons. This indicates they are a shrewd group on the lookout for the best deal, in spite of their spend power.

Use of celebrities in ads is also a tactic that can help to sway this group as they are 76% more likely to enjoy ads featuring their favourite celebs. Encouragingly they are also 36% more likely than the average Brit to buy new brands, just to see what they are like.

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Source: Postal Choices Ltd – Post Impressions magazine Issue 50

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