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in - December 2015

Direct mail campaigns are growing in popularity — even in the digital age. In fact, many of the statistics seem to show direct mail growing despite the digital age.

Email has its advantages, including being an almost immediate way of reaching customers — particularly in the age of the smartphone, in which people get their emails landing in their pockets almost instantly, being easy to file, follow up and respond to and better for communicating certain types of messages. It is, however, limited.

Direct mail, on the other hand, tends to give customers and potential customers a far better impression of a company. Email is seen as cheap and easy, whereas direct physical mail shows investment and forethought. People’s attention spans also hold longer with physical pieces of mail when compared to email, so you’re far more likely to grab their attention. This effect is accentuated when you start to become even more clever with your mailings, perhaps using pop-up mailings or other interactive and innovative effects.

Overall, direct mail makes people feel more valued and therefore more likely to take action as a result of your mailing. The statistics show that they actually enjoy reading and receiving it and that engagement and success rates are even higher if you’re retargeting existing or previous customers, as they feel they are being rewarded or acknowledged for their loyalty.

Recent statistics show that 77% of consumers like to be informed of special offers via direct mail marketing, with well over half of people welcoming mail that gives them useful or new information. Indeed, direct mail regularly reports the strongest returns on investment of any form of marketing and provides the rock solid base of many large companies’ marketing strategies.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of direct mail marketing, allowing us to deliver extraordinary results across the board. We’re an ISO 9001 quality-certified company, giving you the assurance that we deliver our direct mail marketing services consistently and with superior quality. We’re also accredited by the Royal Mail Strategic Mailing Partnership and Partners in Quality, giving you complete confidence in our services.

We mailed more than 5.9 million items last year and can assist you in reaching your targets by providing high quality marketing data.  Put simply, we’re able to help you whatever your budget or objectives. For more information, or to speak to one of the team, call us today on 0800 328 3251.

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