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in - October 2015

Direct mail can be a hugely profitable marketing exercise, with the majority of British people saying they value direct mail that gives them some tangible benefit, either rewarding their loyalty or giving them access to special offers or valuable information.

However, the scatter-gun approach doesn’t tend to work with direct mail, so a targeted, planned strategy is best. The foundation of your direct mail campaign is always your data, and ensuring that your data is valid, up to date and enables to target the right potential customers is vital to your marketing campaign.

Introducing Data Insight

Our experienced team of data analysts can unearth insights into your data which you can use in your direct mail marketing campaign, making it more effective and more profitable. It will help you get a better insight into your customers and potential customers, allowing you to refine your marketing message and ultimately increase your return on investment.

How Data Insight profiles customer data

Getting a great insight into your customer data can reveal a lot of information. We can analyse your data to reveal the age, social class and hobbies and interests of your target audience as well as their propensity to spend, allowing you to target only those people who are likely to respond favourably.

We can also identify lifestyle and media consumption choices of your demographic, which can help you to refine your mailing and present it in a way which will best appeal to your target demographic

Your free data check with Data Insight

We will review your data completely free of charge and show you how we can improve your return on investment by improving it for you. We’ll also highlight any issues which might arise with delivery, some of which could potentially be very costly.

Reducing your costs with data cleansing

Customers’ data changes all the time, with people moving house, changing their preferences or otherwise becoming unsuitable for your direct mailing campaigns. Our CRM database management solutions will keep your customers’ information updates and continuously improve the quality of your mailing list.

That will have the effect of reducing wastage and unnecessary expense and will ensure that the money you put into your direct mail campaigns will go further, reaching the people who really want to hear what you have to say.

To speak to us about our Data Insight services, call us free on 0800 328 3251 or email for further information.  You might also like to read our Send4Less blog.

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