Mistake #12 Creating & reviewing direct mail by committee

Article by Eleanor in - July 2017


A large problem is the input of client and personal opinions when deciding on mailings. If you pay an agency to create your direct mail, resist the temptation to interfere by adding your own opinions and habits. Technical inaccuracies and errors are important to point out but the mail’s content, tone and style are better left to the experts. They’ve had years of experience in creating direct mail and this knowledge is key to creating the best mailing piece for you.

The fewer people that are involved in the process, the better. A mailing should be checked only by a few, experienced persons. With fewer personal opinions involved, the direct mail can be judged on results instead of aesthetics. When reviewing what’s put together for you by the experts, you should judge the generated result which can be measured accurately. You may have disagreed with some decisions but the results may show that they were the right choices.

By employing an agency to create your mail, you should make a commitment to trust them to create the best direct mail, tailored to your company. Don’t try and interfere but if you want to be helpful in the process you should try to understand what is happening in the industry. There are many direct marketing publications that can keep you up-to-date. Industry developments, trends and customer insight can help you understand the decisions made in the process of creating your direct mail.

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