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in - June 2014

Advertising company reveals that mail and email work more effectively when used together.  When used in conjunction they produce better results than when either medium is used on their own.  Mail triggers action, including driving people to connect with businesses online.  Request a free copy of the report at

Digital media have totally changed the advertising company communications landscape over the last ten years, especially now that it’s easy to contact customers on the move via smartphones and tablets.

Royal Mail has conducted extensive research on how mail and email work together today. We’ve summarised the findings for you here but they are a mere snapshot of the results. We think you’ll be fascinated by what’s been uncovered.

In essence, the research shows that by making sure that mail and email are working together, organisations can drive more action, more loyalty and more sales.

Consumers are very clear that mail and email have different qualities, which makes each suited to different things.

This is why 51% of consumers want to receive both mail and email from the organisations they deal with, while a further 17% only want to receive mail¹. So if you only use email to contact your customers you’ll leave more than two thirds of them dissatisfied.

This is because they associate the two channels with different attributes:

  • Email is seen as being quick, informal, suitable for follow-ups and easy to respond to.
  • Mail grabs attention, is considered and informative, makes recipients feel valued and gives a better impression.

The research also found that mail drives people to connect with businesses online. As a result of receiving mail:

  • 86% have connected with a business²
  • 54% have engaged in social media²
  • 43% have downloaded something²

Above all, mail creates stronger emotional engagement between sender and recipient, with 57% of people saying that receiving mail makes them feel more valued².

Using mail opens up new audiences who only respond and purchase after receiving mail². So it’s not surprising that adding mail significantly improves campaign effectiveness. A recent analysis by Peter Field on the IPA databank shows when looking at campaigns that delivered high sales performance, 27% more included mail than did not. Also when looking at campaigns that drove high acquisition levels 40% more included mail than did not. Furthermore, campaigns with mail achieved over twice (205%) the marketshare growth than campaigns without mail in the mix.³.

If you’re putting together an advertising company plan and want to optimise your direct mail communications, we recommend you read the full report.  If you would like help with either direct mail or a direct email marketing solution give us a call! You might also like to read our blog on how to win more business.


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