A nudge in the right direction

Article by Eleanor in - October 2017

This week saw the release of a rather interesting report by the UK government’s Behavioural Insights Team (or ‘nudge team’ as it has become known).

Speaking of the report, Chief executive Dr. David Halpern, says the aim was to test the suggestion that by using the right kind of communication at the right time, people can be prompted (nudged) into making particular choices.

One example within the study included helping students to make more of their university prospects through…

“a well-executed piece of written communication that nudged the reader towards making certain decisions.”

Hmmm, sounds a lot like DM doesn’t it?

Still it’s good to see a high-level, respected and completely impartial research team of psychologists proving something we’ve long understood, i.e. the timely delivery of the right message into the hands of the consumer is a very powerful method of communication.

So here’s a little nudge from us. It’s time to make more of Direct Mail.

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