Tip 5. Acknowledge special occasions.

Article by Eleanor in - December 2017

Be opportunistic about events in your target customer’s life such as birthdays, graduations and weddings. Sending helpful promotions around life events can create close connections with customers.

Vouchers, discounts or rewards around the customer’s birthday or other life events can help your brand significantly. Boots have a Parenting Club which gives boosted rewards to parents and special offers such as free gifts for the parents and the baby and free magazine and expert advice. By knowing that these customers are all experiencing pregnancy and parenting, Boots can send targeted and personalised promotions which help their customers through this special time and encourage them to buy all the products they need from Boots.

This isn’t just about giving away free birthday gifts or promotions either. Giving a free birthday meal voucher to a customer will generate further profit – the person will go out with friends and family for the meal, buying drinks and extras.

The personalisation of direct mail around these special occasions will help the customer feel more positively about your brand. Discounts, vouchers or free gifts will encourage your customers to continue to buy from you or retain your services for the future.

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