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From dynamic, data-driven content, to specialist print finishing, to large quantity fast-turnaround – Send DM has the expertise, the technical services and the team to bring your vision to life and drive your campaigns to success.
  • Dynamic personalisation
  • Laser printing
  • Inkjet printing
  • Managed print services
Dynamic personalisationAsset 2

Through a combination of dynamic print and mail merge software we can create all kinds of dynamic, data-driven content – text, codes, imagery.

In short, we’re experts in producing personalised communications that not only deliver your message, they deliver class-leading ROI.

Laser printingAsset 2

High quality, flexible and fast. Our state-of-the-art printing presses make light work of the heaviest demands.

Those everyday items of personal DM such as postcards for the automotive sector and letters and invitations to events and seminars, we handle them by the thousands, every single day.

Inkjet printingAsset 2

If laser printing is a racehorse (perhaps a steeplechaser – fast, flexible, dynamic) then maybe inkjet printing could be characterised as a Shire horse (thoroughly dependable).

When the job calls for reliable name and address personalisation of pre-printed postcards, non-window envelopes or self-mailers, our high-speed inkjet printing service quietly gets the job done. That being said, at 100,000 items a day, it gets the job done at quite a pacey trot!

Managed print servicesAsset 2

Years of experience mean we understand the intricacies ofprint and the processes involved in taking projects from conception through to completion.

Our partnerships within the industry mean, whatever you requirements, Send DM can save you the expense of chasing down those time-consuming details.

And then there’s our buying power, allowing us to negotiate special rates that would be otherwise unavailable to you.

The benefits of partnering with Send DM

As specialists in personalisation, our goal is to create a more engaging end-user experience, deepening the trust and strengthening the relationships between our clients and their audience.

Add to that our production and print experience and our focus on delivering extra value wherever we can, and you’ll see why Send DM makes the perfect partner.


Direct Mail UK - for the personal touch Image


Here in Great Britain, we have a long and proud history of direct mail UK that stretches back hundreds of years. For most of us, the experience of receiving mail is one we associate with happiness and romance.  The delight...

15 June, 2016

Personalised direct mail—theory or reality? Image


Yesterday I received a personalised direct mail piece from my local supermarket which immediately caught my attention. The mail piece was personalised on the outside with my name in colour, and it promised great deals and coupons on the inside....

7 February, 2013

Personalised documents Image


Send Marketing Solutions have invested £35,000 in a new enclosing machine, to allow personalised documents , to meet increasing business demands. New Business Manager, Toby Batchelor said, “The increase in business volumes that we have experienced so far this year...

5 September, 2013

Printed Postage Impression Indicia Design to Change #ppi Image


A familiar part of most of the direct mail envelopes that we all receive through the post is about to change. The Printed Postage Impression or PPI, as it is more commonly known, which appears in the top right hand...

1 June, 2012


Our reputation

We don’t just send. We deliver results.

What is it in our make-up that allows us to consistently add value to our clients’ businesses? What are the special characteristics that Send DM brings to the table? Perhaps it’s best that we leave it to our clients to sum things up…

  • "380,000 individual mailings in a month" View case study
  • "Thanks for managing this one so well" N9 Design
  • "…really pleased with the service." Canary Wharf