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Size, weight, content, purpose, destination, format, timescales, proof of delivery – the complexities of postage can almost feel like a dark art. So much to know. So many ways to be caught out.

Here’s one example. It might seem that it’s simply a letter in an envelope but the question is, does it qualify as advertising mail or business mail? Think hard. The answer has major implications on how far a budget will go.
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  • Mailsort
  • International
  • Packets, parcels and pallets
Downstream accessAsset 2

In the wide range of options available within the increasingly competitive postal market, choosing the right provider and the right service is essential.

As specialists, we have access to downstream access services that can often significantly reduce UK mailing costs without compromising service quality. After all, no matter which service you choose, your mail piece will, in the end, be delivered by Royal Mail.

MailsortAsset 2

Mailsort isn’t just about large mailing volumes. It’s a sorting process that plays a key role in direct mail campaigns, from the data preparation stage right through to despatch.

For those who mail in quantity, our access to the reduced rate benefits of Mailsort offers a way to achieve very welcome savings in postage costs.

InternationalAsset 2

They say it’s a small world. Oh yeah? Try getting 20,000 promotional thermal vests to Kathmandu. In a hurry. On a tight budget!

Tall orders over long distances can be managed, but it pays to
have the right connections. Our partnerships with international consolidators who can navigate ‘in-country’ international services and rates connects you to better operational costs and extra value – from here to Kathmandu!

Packets, parcels and palletsAsset 2

Our postal and distribution expertise isn’t limited to letters and large letters. We love Lumpy Mail! Industrial grinding discs, branded water bottles, flat-pack recycling bins… we’ve sent all kinds of everything, to all kinds of everywhere, for all kinds of clients.

The benefits of partnering with Send DM

Time is money. So it’s worth remembering that getting bogged down in the dizzying complexities of postage and mailing regulations can leave you, not only time poor, but struggling to balance your budget.

Having the right DM partner saves you money. It can also save you from a considerable amount of stress.


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Our reputation

We don’t just send. We deliver results.

What is it in our make-up that allows us to consistently add value to our clients’ businesses? What are the special characteristics that Send DM brings to the table? Perhaps it’s best that we leave it to our clients to sum things up…

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